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4th National Nutrition Symposium Addressing Malnutrition Issue

by Kwabe Ben
4th National Nutrition Symposium

The Ministry of Health is collaborating with County governments to incentivize nearly 90,000 community health workers serving in the existing primary healthcare networks nationwide. In an attempt to address malnutrition as an essential component of primary healthcare.

Dr. Josephine Mburu, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards pointed out the essence of this during the official opening of the 4th National Nutrition Symposium on April 12, 2023, at the Safaripark Hotel in Nairobi.

Where she revealed that the Ministry of Health is committed to achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and is revamping primary healthcare as the engine for UHC including strengthening the primary healthcare networks and community health structures.

“In order to achieve UHC, the Ministry of Health acknowledges the need for adequate healthcare financing and optimal human resources for health for primary healthcare,” said the PS.

Further, Dr. Mburu noted that addressing malnutrition is crucial for not only ensuring the quality of life for all citizens but also contributing to significant economic growth. According to the 2016 Kenya Nutrition Investment Framework, every dollar invested in nutrition would yield 22 dollars (Ksh 2750) in returns.

According to the PS, it’s vital to collaborate between line ministries, development partners, civil society organizations, faith-based organizations, and private sectors who have contributed to nutrition improvement in the country.

“I look forward to receiving the key outcomes of the symposium, including recommendations on cost-effective best practices for optimal nutrition outcomes, local solutions for addressing persistent acute malnutrition, and evidence-based interventions for addressing all forms of malnutrition, including undernutrition, hidden hunger, overweight, and obesity,” she stated.

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