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A Beacon of Change: The Transformative Impact of the Africa CEO Forum

by Jacky Muraba

In the bustling city of Kigali, Rwanda, an event synonymous with the spirit of African entrepreneurship as well as economic progress continues to unfold each year.

The Africa CEO Forum, established in 2012 by the Jeune Afrique Media Group gathers more than 2,000 African and International captains of industry, policy makers, and visionaries to converge, discuss the continent’s most pressing priorities, and set the agenda for the continent’s economic future. This annual gathering leaves indelible marks on Africa’s business landscape, driving dialogue, fostering partnerships, and advocating for the continent’s rightful place on the global stage.

Today, the Annual Summit is the largest annual gathering of the African private sector, offering a platform where African CEOs can connect, share insights, and engage constructively with both public officials, global business leaders and the media.

As we geared up for the 11th edition of the Africa CEO Forum, the theme couldn’t be more pertinent. We find ourselves at a critical juncture in our economic history, facing unprecedented challenges amidst shifting global dynamics. The question we must confront is clear: Will Africa rise to claim its place at the decision-making table, or risk becoming fodder for global powers in competition?

Adrian Fielding, Director Africa CEO Forum

In an interview with Adrian Fielding, Director of the Africa CEO Forum he tells me this year’s Summit tackled four pivotal agendas crucial to Africa’s economic trajectory. From addressing leadership standards and embracing technological advancement to evaluating progress on intra-African trade and mobilizing domestic capital. The discussions were as diverse as the continent itself.

“In light of recent shifts in the economic and political landscape, the theme of this year’s Africa CEO Forum is especially significant. There has been a dramatic shift in the economic and political landscape, not just in Africa but on a global scale. There is an undeniable rise of political and economic instability on the continent, reflecting uncertainty around the world. Global forces are aggressively competing for capital, resources, and the industries of the future, the climate challenge is rapidly growing and affecting every facet of life, and the advancement of AI is threatening to increase the wealth divide between nations,” he says.

“In response to this, we want the 11th edition of Africa CEO Forum Annual Summit to acknowledge the seriousness of our situation and urgently push for impactful solutions. We stand at a crossroads in our economic history, and we need to ask ourselves this; will African nations unite and claim Africa’s place at the decision-making table or will the continent be on the menu of global powers in competition for capital, natural and human resources?”

Impact of the Africa CEO Forum

The impact of the Africa CEO Forum extends far beyond the confines of the event itself. It’s about tangible outcomes, about partnerships forged and initiatives realized. One of the most notable successes that emerged from the 2019 Forum was a pivotal meeting between the Rwandan government and Vivendi Africa. This encounter led to the introduction of fiber optic internet in Kigali the following year, revolutionizing the city’s digital infrastructure and setting a precedent for other African cities to follow.

In the same vein, the transformation of iSON into Africa’s leading business process outsourcing company stands as a testament to the Forum’s influence. A key meeting at the Forum between iSON’s founder and AfricInvest, a major investor, catalyzed this transformation, resulting in a company that now employs over 18,000 people across the continent​.

It is such partnerships that underscore the Forum’s role as a catalyst for significant business transformations and economic growth.

Moreover, the Forum is committed to nurturing the next generation of African entrepreneurs. Through initiatives like the Disrupters Club and partnerships with organizations like VISA, it seeks to empower young innovators who will shape the future of African business.

“Each year, we invite 20 start-up leaders to join the Disrupters Club, a gathering of individuals whom we believe will shake up the legacy industries that make up a large proportion of African business. Supported by VISA for several years running, this Club counts among its alumni some big names such as Karim Beguir, founder of Instadeep. Separately, this year in particular, the idea of ‘future-proofing’ Africa is really embedded in the programme. The core theme revolves around leadership renewal, while we have panel sessions dedicated to corporate tech education, family business intrapreneurship, and sessions hosted by the Young President’s Organisation (YPO) and the French-African Foundation, to name but a few,” says Adrian.

The Forum’s director takes immense pride in showcasing Africa’s corporate excellence to the world. The ability to convene such a diverse and influential group of leaders, and to witness the tangible outcomes of their collaborations, is both motivating and rewarding. One particularly memorable moment was in 2023 when Delphine Traoré, CEO of SanlamAllianz General Insurance, won the CEO of the Year award, bringing tears of joy and surprise to her eyes—a testament to the Forum’s impact and the recognition of African leadership excellence​.

In essence, the Africa CEO Forum is more than just a gathering of minds; it’s a catalyst for transformative change across the continent’s business landscape. And as it continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible, one thing is certain: the best is yet to come.

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