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AAR Insurance Opens up a New Sales Office in Meru Town

AAR Insurance is proud to announce the grand opening of its brand new sales office in Meru town, solidifying its commitment to supporting the region's dynamic growth

by Kwabe Ben
AAR Insurance

AAR Insurance is proud to announce the grand opening of its brand new sales office in Meru town, solidifying its commitment to supporting the region’s dynamic growth and strengthening its connection with the local community. This expansion marks a significant milestone for AAR Insurance, recognizing Meru’s potential as one of the fastest-growing markets in Kenya.

Dr. Patrick Gatonga, Group CEO at AAR Insurance, said, “I would like to thank the Meru community and stakeholders for welcoming us here. We took time to study and understand  Meru County; there is a high prevalence of cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. This study necessitated the creation of unique insurance solutions for the people of Meru, including ShwAARi, a simple, non-traditional insurance product. Our efforts were to ensure that we, as AAR Insurance, are part of the growth of Meru County.

Our technology partner,  M-tiba, has ensured that our insurance solutions are easily accessed via an end-to-end digital platform. We would like to be active participants in the development of Meru in support of devolution, which has played a significant role in bringing development closer to the people. Additionally, AAR Insurance is a technology-driven insurance provider; we have my WAKALAAR platform, meaning our agents can log on and sell insurance wherever they are. We hope that the people of the Mt. Kenya region will take advantage of this and create opportunities for self-employment.

AAR Insurance recognizes the importance of accessibility and convenience. The new Meru sales office brings its comprehensive insurance solutions and exceptional customer service closer to Meru residents, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. This move reflects the company’s dedication to building solid relationships with the local community.

Speaking during the event, the Municipality ward MCA Caleb Mutethia Kibuko said, “Meru is a growing cosmopolitan town. We continue to call upon investors to come to Meru. Through this, we can get opportunities for our young people. As your legislator, I will be here to support AAR Insurance. We welcome all stakeholders to join us as we discuss what legislation is needed to create an enabling environment for businesses in Meru.”

“We are keen to work with the community as we bring services closer to the people. Meru town is on a growth trajectory supported by the numerous economic activities in this region. We are here to ensure that we provide peace of mind and that their health and wealth are protected free from the worry of medical bills,” said Justine Kosgei, Principal Officer at AAR Insurance. “Products like our innovative ShwAARi, created specifically for the Kenyan market, demonstrate our commitment to providing relevant and accessible solutions. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, ShwAARi offers a range of customizable options catering to individuals’ and families’ diverse needs and budgets.

This allows clients to tailor their coverage to their unique requirements. For instance, clients can choose how to utilize their health coverage: whether they need outpatient care or inpatient attention, the decision is theirs. Additionally, ShwAARi offers premium payment flexibility, where clients can enjoy the freedom to pay their premium monthly or annually. We are confident that the Meru community will find immense value in our diverse offerings,’” he added.

According to the International Journal for Equity in Health, only 8% of informal workers in Kenya have health insurance, and overall insurance penetration is low at 3%. These numbers aren’t just statistics; they are human faces – families exposed to illness, businesses vulnerable to loss, and dreams crushed by unforeseen circumstances.

This is why AAR Insurance has an aggressive approach towards its technology-first operation model to ensure products and services are seamlessly accessible to its customers. By focusing on value-based insurance products from the client’s life, health, and business perspective, AAR Insurance will continue to deliver excellent products and services for its clients, evidenced by the many available customized insurance solutions.

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