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by Wanjiku Mbugua


The East African Business Times Limited. is an all-round media company that is involved in the production of quality publications and a proven communications consultancy across the East Africa region. The East African Business Times Events Management for conferences, exhibitions, and in-house meetings and parties; Public Relations services that include creating the link between the client and the media (media liaison), communicating to the public, crisis management
and marketing research among others. The company also produces a host of corporate magazines for some of the leading blue-chip companies in the East quarterly magazine, East Africa Business Agenda. The East African Business Times is a monthly business publication focusing on the East African region. With the realisation of the East African Community that comprises Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, and Rwanda, there was need for a publication that brings together businesses across the region. The East African recognised by the East African Secretariat and the East African Business Council as the only one that truly covers the entire region. The magazine has also been feted with several special passes to high level EAC business meetings that mostly
feature heads of states. The East African Business Times is the most authoritative read in the regional players and captains of the industry.

The East African Business Times is targeted at the business community and policy makers within the region. It is an important reference point especially in matters of ease of trade, in line with the Customs Union and Common Markets Protocol. Its content cuts across the entire A, B and C classes and serves as the ideal platform for businesses with a regional reach to talk to their existing and target clientele.

East African Business Times is distributed in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan by Nation Marketing and Publishing (NM&P), a division of Nation Media Group. It has a print run of 15,000 copies and a readership of over 100,000 across the region, making it the largest circulating magazine in East and Central Africa. Its circulation model ensures that it reaches the target market. East African Business Times is available either through subscription or rack sale. Our articles are also online from this website www.eabusinesstimes.com.

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