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African Union Implements Continentwide Ban on Donkey Slaughter

Donkey skin is used to make ejiao, a traditional Chinese medicine.

by Brian Yatich

After years of relentless pressure from the animal welfare community, African Union leaders have finally taken a monumental step by announcing a continentwide ban on the slaughter of donkeys for their skin.

This decision comes after extensive investigations by PETA and international advocacy efforts that seek to save countless donkeys from facing painful and terrifying deaths.

PETA’s Senior Vice President, Jason Baker, emphasized the intelligence and sensitivity of donkeys, stating that they deserve to be treated with compassion and respect. PETA commends the African Union and other animal protection groups for their role in this crucial decision and calls on retailers worldwide to remove products containing ejiao from their shelves.

Previous investigations by PETA have exposed the inhumane conditions that donkeys are subjected to in China and Kenya. Donkeys were found living in squalid conditions, enduring abuse, and facing brutal deaths at slaughterhouses. Despite bans on the export of donkey skin to China, illegal shipments were still being made, prompting PETA to urge Nigerian officials to implement a nationwide ban on donkey slaughter.

Before the continentwide ban was announced, several African countries had already taken steps to prohibit Chinese-funded slaughterhouses or halt the export of donkey skin. Major companies like eBay and Jet.com have also pledged to stop selling products containing ejiao in response to appeals from PETA. This ban marks a significant victory for animal rights and sets a powerful example for other regions to follow in protecting these gentle and intelligent animals.

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