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AIG Restructures, Harmonizing All Startups Into Jumia

by Tullah Stephen

The decision means all startups under AIG will  rebrand to become part of Jumia.

By Tullah Stephen

Africa Internet Group (AIG) a subsidiary of the Rocket Internet, on

Joe Falter, CEO HelloFood

Joe Falter, CEO HelloFood

Thursday harmonized all its e-commerce companies to become part of one huge Jumia Brand.  The move will see the brand become one of the largest networks in Africa offering consumers services ranging from Travel bookings, online shopping mall to food delivery. The move is part of the company’s strategy as it seeks to provide a one stop e-commerce reference point for its customers.

Start-ups under AIG will now be found under one Jumia website. This is in addition to having their names changed to Jumia. Users will now see Jovago, AIG’s hotel booking site,  become Jumia Travel, Lamudi  is now Jumia House, HelloFood changes to  Jumia Food, Carmudi will now be Jumia Cars, Vendito will become Jumia Deals, and Everjobs, the brands jobs website will be known as Jumia Jobs. Kaymu which serves as a community market place has rebranded to Jumia Market while the company’s logistics services AIG X takes new identity as Jumia Services.

“Having one account for all our start-ups will enable the consumers seamlessly navigate through the website,” said Joe Falter, CEO Hellofood global during a press conference in Nairobi. Mr Falter added that Jumia’s new vision, “Expand your horizons”, expresses the group’s ambition to transform people’s lives through internet, overcoming the ground market challenges

Despite the new changes, businesses will still operate in the same way they did before and no changes are expected in the management.

AIG rebranding to Jumia is seen as a strategy to up its marketing efforts owing to the visibility Jumia enjoys. Jumia is the largest online retail store in Africa with over 100,000 unique visitors a day and over 70 per cent of its visitors are repeat customers. The consolidation is also believed to be a move to further boost its marketing strategy and perhaps help in covering up the lost grounds as macro-economic challenges across the region take  toll.

In recent times AIG has raised money from investors as it seeks to grow its market share across the continent. In April, the firm announced that it had raised 300 Million Euros of funding from MTN, Rocket Internet, AXA and Goldman Sachs. The new developments also come at a time when the group announced the hiring of a new Managing director to spearhead its ventures in Kenya and East African market.

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