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Ali Kiba, ‘UTU’ Hitmaker Dilemma

by Benji Kwabe

The Bongo artist star Ali Kiba is still silent with no remarks declared following an alleged divorce suit filed by his wife Amina Khalef on February 2022.

The Kadhis court of Mombasa offered the Bongo superstar up to fifteen days to turn in a response to the suit. Upon failure to show up would lead to the procession of the ruling in spite of his absence, Amina says she had to since she is not finding their home at Dar es Salam a peaceful environment.

This being after her allegedly having verbal exchanges with her in-laws adding on to her accusations of the star being disrespectful alluding to matters of infidelity.

Her claims are the marriage can’t be saved as it has sailed into the abyss beyond salvaging. All she now wants is a separation upon which she is demanding an sh200,000 monthly upkeep for her cover and the children’s cover too.

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