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AU Head Macky Sall to Speak to Putin in Russia

by Kwabe Ben

The African Union Chairman Macky Sall, Senegalese President is set to speak with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the south Russian city of Sochi this Friday.

Talks are aimed at enabling the freeing of stocks such as cereals, and fertilizers for since the invasion and high inflation of prices, several countries in Africa have been affected severely by the blockage of products.

The Head of the African Union is set to also effect talks aligned with the easing of the Ukraine conflict whereby a video address from Zelensky is expected.

This visit having been orchestrated by an invitation from Putin seems to behold several possible outcomes in matters to do with the Ukraine- Russia conflict escalation.

African nations have acutely faced challenges in the economy as the war in Ukraine sent a skyrocketing cost of fuel, grain, and fertilizers which has adversely affected the economy on the global stage.

Both Ukraine and Russia are major suppliers of wheat and other cereals throughout the globe whereas Russia is a key producer of fertilizer.

According to a UN statement last month that Africa is faced with an unprecedented crisis as a result of the blockade as well as difficulties facing the continent like climate change, and coronavirus pandemic effects that keep compounding.

Russia faces several sanctions, including expulsion of Russian banks, from the West effected after the gruesome February 24 invasion of Ukraine as a bid to punish Moscow for the military intervention.

Instead, Sall stated in an address, “when the SWIFT system is disrupted, only means that as much as products are available, payment remains complicated in other words impossible.”

Further adding, “I would like to insist that this issue be examined as soon as possible by our competent ministers in order to find appropriate solutions.”

An impact that has become evident after Russia’s blockade of Odesa has seen a deterioration in Ukrainian food exports.

Macky has backed the UN-led efforts at freeing the port for the greater good.

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