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Best Wedding Photography & Videography Packages in Nairobi Kenya

by Brian Yatich

Creating the perfect wedding photography and videography packages can be a daunting task especially because the wedding coverage industry is very competitive.

One must find their unique selling point (USP) or basically come up with irresistible packages. 

In this article, we will discuss some things we considered when creating our wedding photography and videography packages that have helped Janeson provide the best service possible to our clients.


  • Consider Your Target Audience

The first thing to consider when creating wedding photography and videography packages is your audience. Who are your ideal clients? What are their budgets? What are their expectations? Understanding your target audience will help you to create packages that are tailored to their specific needs and wants. For example, if your clients are frugal, you may want to create a package that includes only basic services, such as a few hours of coverage, while if your clients are looking for more premium services, you may want to create a package that includes more hours of coverage, pre- shoots, additional photographers & videographers, or even drone footage.


  • Decide on the content of your packages

Once you understand your audience, you can begin to decide on the services you want to include in your wedding photography and videography packages. Some of the most common items include:

  • Hours of coverage
  • Number of photographers or videographers
  • Engagement sessions
  • Wedding albums 
  • Photo mounts
  • Digital copies of images or videos
  • Drone footage
  • Same-day edits


  • Determine Your Pricing

After deciding on your services, the next step is to determine your pricing. This can be knotty, as you want to ensure that your prices are competitive, but also reflect the quality of your work and the value of your services. 


Factors affecting that affect cost

  1. Time: The amount of time that will be spent shooting and editing photos and videos is an important consideration. The more time that is required, the higher the package price will be.
  2. Equipment: The type and quality of equipment used will also affect the price of the package. High-end cameras and lenses, for example, can increase the cost of the package.
  3. Expertise: The experience and skill level of the photographer and videographer are also important factors. Those with more experience and expertise typically charge more for their services.
  4. Services Included: The services that are included in the package should be carefully considered. Couples may want to include extras such as engagement shoots, photo booths, or custom-designed albums; these extras will increase the price of the package.
  5. Delivery Time: The time it takes to deliver the final photos and videos should also be taken into account. The quicker the turnaround time, the more the package is likely to cost.


  • Offer Customization

One way to make your wedding photography and videography packages stand out is to offer customization options. For example, package add-ons, custom packages, personalized consultations, post production customizations, and flexible payment options among others.


  1. Keep Your Packages Simple

Don’t overwhelm clients with too many details and jargons. Keep your packages simple and easy to understand.


  1. Offer A Range Of Packages

Offer a range of packages at different price points to accommodate clients with different budgets. You could categorize them from basic package, standard package and to premium package.


  1. Provide Clear Contracts

Lastly, it’s important to provide clear contracts for your wedding photography and videography packages. Your contract should outline the services you’ll provide, the cost of each package, and any additional fees or charges. It should also outline your cancellation and refund policies, as well as any payment schedules. Providing clear contracts will help to ensure that both you and your clients are on the same page and that there are no misunderstandings or disagreements later on.


In conclusion, creating wedding photography and videography packages requires careful consideration and planning.By doing all the above, you can create packages that not only meet the needs of your clients, but also help you to build a successful and profitable business. Below are Janeson’s wedding photography and videography packages. I believe they will paint a clear picture. 


Mini wedding photography Package 

Mini Pro wedding photography Package

Premium wedding photography Package

Gold wedding photography Package 

Glamorous wedding photography Package


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