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Bic opens new manufacturing facility in Kenya

by Brian Yatich

Today BIC officially inaugurated its East Africa facility in Kasarani, Nairobi. This new venture comes as BIC transferred its manufacturing in Kenya and distribution in the East African region from HACO Industries Kenya Ltd earlier this year.

After four decades of presence in the region through a local distributor and under a licensed manufacturing model, BIC established its East Africa subsidiary in Kenya to implement its proximity strategy and expand its brand presence.


The subsidiary will act as a development engine for the domestic market and an export hub servicing Kenya, Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.


“Today marks an important milestone for us as we strengthen our presence in Kenya. We thank Dr. Chris Kirubi & HACO Industries for their stewardship in helping BIC to become the country’s leading writing instrument brand. Our focus now is on expanding our footprint in the African continent and providing high‐quality, affordable products to our consumers. With a population of 300 Million inhabitants, 45% of whom are under 14 years of age; East Africa is a key market for our stationery business.” BIC’s Chief Executive Officer, Gonzalve Bich said during the inauguration.


Adding that BIC will be investing in driving social impact. “We stand committed to growing our current business and developing the local talent base, starting with our own employees, by providing additional opportunity for career growth and the building of new skills and competencies as part of our global enterprise operation. Also, the BIC Corporate Foundation will be focusing on driving education in the country, as we look to support projects that improve learning conditions for children in Kenya and East Africa.”

The revamped manufacturing facility will produce BIC ballpoint pens and include the assembly of BIC Shavers.

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