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Car & General Upbeat for Prospective 2023

by Kwabe Ben
Car & General

Car & General has upheld customer satisfaction since its commencement in 1936. It has managed a steady lead in the quality of its services from power generation, automotive, and engineering products in East Africa.

Its main vision set as ensuring every customer smiles, is mainly evident that the service or product in turn brings the customer gratification in terms of availing answers to their need.

Car & General since restructuring in 2003 has pioneered entry into marginalized towns within each and every region in East Africa enabling its number one position goal to be a reality.

Automotive and equipment distribution is a major business for Car & General however it didn’t stop at just that. It has also delved into financial and services up to 29% in Watu Africa.

Watu Africa is an asset financing company revolutionizing financial inclusion and mobility for millions in Africa. Watu focuses on asset financing for two and three-wheelers as the market demands keep growing amongst customers.

Car & General in the last year saw a turnover increase from 17.1 billion in 2021 to 19.3 billion in 2022. This however does not deter its growth as it seeks to spread its wings within the East African Community (EAC), the CEO Vijay Gidoomal assuring of a prospecting future for the EAC.

“One of the challenges that still affects us majorly is the forex fluctuation that sets the currency within on devaluation. This makes it difficult for the price set as the shift is unpredictable, leaving the one and only solution as hedging. Even though we hope for stabilization through the year 2023,” said Vijay Gidoomal CEO.

Emphasizing that Car & General is taking a stride to assist the community dealing with challenges they face at the regional level, by doing projects like Cargen Maji Uhai- Water Pan and Water drilling project, training two and three-wheeler riders with St John Ambulance and collaborations with technical institutions and TVETA.

Mr. Vijay further states that they are on the journey to investing in Electric Vehicles infrastructure considering it the future, exploring solar power generation, and more localization.

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