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‘Celebrating Public Service Transformation: Ten-Years And Beyond’

by Jacky Muraba

The 2022 Africa Public Service Day celebrations were officially opened today by the Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Public Service, Hon. Rachel Shebesh, on behalf of the Ministry’s Cabinet Secretary, Prof. Margaret Kobia and will run up to 23rd June when Kenya will join the rest of African union member States to Celebrate the same.

Celebrated every year across Africa, 23rd June serves as a platform for Public Service Organizations to showcase and reward excellence in the Public Service in order to promote and sustain quality in service delivery.

The day was set aside by the African Union for public service organizations to reflect on the successes and challenges within the public service and ponder on plausible mitigating measures to address service delivery challenges.

The theme for Kenya’s Africa Public Service Day this year, focuses on Celebrating Public Service transformation: Ten-year journey and beyond. The event sheds light on the gains made to date as well as the ten year journey on public service transformation especially how services are administered and accessed in the country.

“This theme is based on the government’s deliberate efforts to transform the Public Service, in order to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to the citizens. This event provides a platform for celebrating the gains made to date and exploring ways of sustaining public transformation path by integrating the reformed gains into the new approaches such as digital technology especially in the case of emerging global challenges,’ commented the CAS Public Service, Hon. Rachel Shebesh.

Some of the successes highlighted during the opening ceremony include the roll-out of E-services in Kenya. Earlier on, Kenyan citizens had to visit respective offices in order to access services. The roll-out of E-services means the common Mwananchi can now access services online.

The second part of the event involves exhibitions dubbed Kenya House 2022, where over 100 Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) have stands to showcase to the public their achievements in the last 10 years.

Citizens are encouraged to attend the exhibitions, visit various stands and learn a thing or two about Kenya, and the various State departments and bodies, scrutinize and challenge some of the bodies present.


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