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Citizens Decry Fuel Prices Hitting Above Ksh 200

Citizens decry the rise in fuel prices as they grapple with high living conditions

by Kwabe Ben

Kenyan citizens woke up decrying the highest recorded fuel prices in recent memory, as announced by Kenya’s regulator. This turned out to be quite infuriating for the citizens, who claim that their livelihoods have become increasingly expensive.

EPRA announced an increase in the prices of Super Petrol prices have now increased by Ksh.16.96, Diesel by Ksh.21.32, while Kerosene climbs the highest by Ksh.33.13 per litre.

The prices shot to the highest Overnight the cost of petrol rose to about 212 shillings ($1.40; £1.20) per liter in the capital Nairobi – with the prices of different types of fuel rising by about 9% to 20%.

CS Chirchir, speaking on Friday when he appeared before the National Assembly’s Departmental Committee on Energy, stated that the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has cut down its global oil production by about 3.6 million barrels daily, thereby affecting the availability and pricing of the commodity.

Kenyans took to X formerly renowned as Twitter lamenting the issues of fuel prices growing further as they pointed out that this would in turn lead to tougher times for the local mwananchi.

Several Twitter fans have responded to the increase by lamenting how the government isn’t considerate of the living costs that the citizens have been decrying for a while now.

CS Chirchir’s remarks followed similar sentiments by his Investments, Trade and Industry counterpart Moses Kuria who asked the public to tighten their belts and be ready for even higher prices at the pump in the coming months.

According to Kuria, fuel prices in the country will continue to rise by Ksh 10 every month until February next year.

“Global Crude Prices are on an upward trajectory. For planning purposes expect pump prices to go up by Ksh 10  every month till February,” Kuria posted on his official X account

Due to the shift in prices, it now means Super Petrol in Nairobi will now be retailing at Ksh.211.64, Diesel at Ksh.200.99, and Kerosene will be Ksh.202.61 per litre.

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