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Climate Change Mitigation Allocated for Ksh.877 million by Counties

by Kwabe Ben

Council of Governors Chair Anne Waiguru lauded her fellow governors for enforcing climate action as the County governments set aside Ksh.877 million for climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

During the KUSI Ideas Festival held at Karura Forest, she called for collaboration between both levels of Government and stakeholders in accelerating the restoration of Forests and Rangelands.

A festival themed: Exploring Africa responses and solutions post COP27, brought together numerous leaders like Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry Soipan Tuya, Professor Patrick Verkoojien, CEO, Global Center on Adaptation and Safaricom CEO, Peter Ndegwa, among others.

Emphasizing that climate change is a severe issue not only in Kenya but also globally, citing an increase in the occurrence of disasters such as droughts, floods, landslides, and the influx of diseases and pests.

Revealing that the lack of adequate funding was the main constraint of climate change interventions by the devolved units, however, bills have been put in place to enable them to allocate between 1-3% of their development budgets.

“In light of all interventions adopted by County Governments to confront climate change, it is evident that counties are constrained in terms of the financial and human capacity to address the overwhelming challenges of climate change,” she said.

Urging on the need to strengthen reporting for climate change expenditure as well as timely disbursement of funds from the National Treasury.

Further, the COG Chair pointed out developments as 44 counties have established County Climate Change Funds through enacting requisite climate change legislations, 45 have already established Climate Change Units, and 30 of them have set up ward climate change planning committees.

Addressing the stance taken by the devolved government to be on the frontlines in the implementation of the critical function of environment, climate change, natural resources management as well as forestry, soil, and water conservation and have put in place various mechanisms to support the same.

“In addition, the extraordinary and interrelated crises of biodiversity loss, climate change, land degradation and desertification, ocean degradation and pollution continue to negatively impact our communities”, said the governor.

Additionally reiterating on the urgency for post COP 27 roadmap of action to cascade the discussions and outcomes of the COP to County Governments and Communities.

Calling for the development of a framework that will regulate the carbon trade ensuring communities who are on the frontline of conservation get to benefit from the proceeds of carbon credit.


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