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DPL Festive becomes first bakery in East Africa to get Food Safety System Certification


DPL Festive, a bread and buns producer company, has received a Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000), becoming the first bakery to do so in East Africa.

FSSC 22000 provides a framework for certifying and auditing Food Safety Management Systems (FSMS), which meets the Global Food Safety Initiative’s (GFSI) Benchmarking Requirements, the highest food safety standards in the world.

In adopting FSSC 22000’s requirements, DPL FESTIVE has implemented the biggest food safety management system for bread and buns production in East Africa.

“FSSC 22000 delivers a framework for food safety management using best practices to ensure consumer safety. DPL festive places the highest level of importance on the safe handling of food and food-related products. By pursing and achieving FSSC 22000 certification, we are further demonstrating our deep commitment to food safety for our customers. We assure our customers of food safety in the bread industry,” said Mr. Jaynish Shah, the CEO of DPL Festive.

FSSC 22000 certification requires providers to undertake a thorough analysis of the processes and related hazards to identify food safety risks. Providers are also expected to implement measures to eliminate those risks, including controls for food defense and food fraud to protect the consumer. FSSC 22000 certification also helps prevent illness and product recalls.

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