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Empowering African Youth: A Bold Step Towards Climate Change Leadership

by Kwabe Ben

The Africa Youth Climate Assembly (AYCA) has crafted a declaration in line with the thematic areas of the Africa Climate Summit. This declaration was developed through extensive engagement and discussions among African youths during the last two days of the Youth Summit.

Alphonce Muia, the lead coordinator for AYCA, highlighted that Africa is abundant in proposals and policy documents. However, there is an urgent requirement to convert them into actionable plans for efficient implementation and to safeguard the younger generation. Muia stressed the significance of transitioning from mere words to concrete actions.

The quest to change the norm is what inspired me more to come up with the Africa Youth Climate Assembly as I envision a future where young people don’t have to struggle in getting access to these platforms and the support

Alphonce Muia

The Youth’s Declaration encompasses 75% of the population in the African continent, facing a range of challenges from social to economic issues. The declaration calls for improvements in the circumstances faced by young people, including capacity building, financing, and provision of resources.

Lumumba, the chairman of AYCA, emphasized the need to support young African scientists in their research endeavors, particularly in the field of climate change. This research would provide valuable data on green job creation, impacts, and shifts, ultimately empowering the youth in this area.

The declaration has various agendas like;

  • Adapting jobs to empower young people, enabling them to overcome daily challenges and utilize their potential for innovation and solutions in the face of climate change issues.
  • Setting up youth offices in Africa considering that the continent houses more than 75% of young people in the world
  • Establishing frameworks under the African carbon markets initiative focused on mapping and incentivizing youth efforts under an AU-approved youth carbon markets consortium that supports youth organizations protecting carbon sinks.
  • Empowerment of the young through facilitating a green bank for youth contributions, and participation in decision-making tables.

The youth from various African countries coming together for the Youth Summit is a significant step, as young people take on decision-making responsibilities in the field of climate change.

This role represents a major advancement in the African continent, ensuring a secure future for the younger generation, whose leaders are the leaders of today.

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