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Farmers Reprieved as Gvnt Set to Buy Maize at Sh 5,600

by Kwabe Ben

Farmers eventually receive a pat on the back as the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB) announced that they have increased the prices of buying maize from farmers.

The board’s Director General Joseph Kimeto appearing before the Public Investment Social Services Administration and Agriculture Committee stated that they have revised the prices upwards from Sh5,100 to Sh5,600 for a 90-kilogram bag.

“Right now, we are open, and farmers can transact with us. The price was Sh5100 for a 90kg bag, but we have reviewed it to Sh5600,” he stated.

“Any farmer who can deliver on that price we pay it in cash through MPESA transaction so there’s no delay at all,” Kimeto said.

The move comes after several complaints from farmers that they risk making losses as the government had announced it will be opening up a duty-free window for maize imports to bridge the deficit. So far, the NCPB has stored 50,000 bags for commercial purposes.

Kimeto further told MPs that the process of selling subsidized federalize is ongoing in 12 counties.

The government is intending to distribute 6 million bags before the end of the planting season in the North Rift, South Rift, and Lake Basin areas.

“The target is to ensure the supply is made on time between now and the planting time which is in the next one month,” he said.

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