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Fly 748 Calls For Collaboration To Enhance Air Safety Standards Post-COVID

by Brian Yatich

Fly 748 has called for closer collaboration to enhance safety standards as airlines across the industry are on a recovery path post-COVID.

According to Moses Mwangi, the airline’s Managing Director he says there is still a huge opportunity for local airlines to partner in including oversight in areas of reporting and investigations and safety data information sharing.

“We need to adopt a more aggressive approach to manage recurrent operational risks, and learn from each other while incorporating international best practices if we are to uphold and rise even higher in bolstering our safety standards,” said Mwangi.

Mwangi spoke ahead of a three-day conference on air safety in Mombasa. The 33rd International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers Associations (IFATCA), the regional meeting brought together over 200 air traffic controllers and other aviation professionals from across Africa and the Middle East.

Kenya Air Traffic Control Association President, Joshua Ngere has reaffirmed their commitment to air safety to manage a growing number of travellers taking it to the sky.

“We need to re-strategise air traffic control as it increases post-COVID. we have working papers that will help us deal with the growing numbers,” said Ngere.

Ngere called on all stakeholders to maintain high standards of training and strict adherence to rules and regulations as well as standards set either by the industry at the international or at the operator level.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority Director General, Emile Nguza said the only way to work together to bolster the industry is through collaborations from the operator’s, regulator and service provider’s side.

“Each one of us should learn to exchange different experiences that we encounter so we may give a certain level of exposure to stakeholders who may not necessarily realise that a particular challenge in the field is an urgent concern,” said Nguza.

Fly 748 was among the airlines, air operators, equipment suppliers, and aviation training schools that showcased their products and service offering at the conference.

“This is a forum that exposes aviation professionals to critical aeronautical information, their link to aviation safety and track commitments made by operators,” said Mwangi.

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