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‘Form ni AAR’ Loyalty Program Launched by AAR Insurance

by Kwabe Ben
AAR Insurance

In an incentive headlined event, AAR Insurance launched its intermediary loyalty program dubbed “Form ni AAR!” The program offers rewards to attract and retain the best-performing intermediaries in the industry.

AAR Insurance has incessantly strived to increase the uptake of insurance among the citizens in the country despite the insurance penetration in the country, which currently stands at 3%. In addition to this, it’s positioning itself as a highly attractive business partner as it redefines the packages based on customer feedback.

The AAR Insurance GCEO Dr. Patrick Gatonga, foresees AAR Insurance becoming a household name as it positions itself to reinvent insurance solutions targeted at the Kenyan market, implementing innovation, customer-centricity, and excellence in service delivery. This is by having to re-engineer the solutions that address gaps and break barriers that previously hindered insurance penetration in the market.

“Cognizant of the need to scale our reach to every part of this country, our focus shifted to redefining the existing partnerships with the relevant stakeholders and creating a village that will improve insurance penetration in the country. The feedback received from our intermediaries was crucial in packaging this loyalty program as we move towards a mutually beneficial partnership that will see all businesses involved thrive,” said Mr. Gitonga.


From L to R SNDBX CEO Joram Mwinamo, AAR Insurance GCEO, Dr. Patrick Gatonga and Royal Media Services Commercial Director Michael Ngugi during the launch of the Form ni AAR! intermediaries’ loyalty program on 17th May, 2023 in Nairobi.

The AAR boss reiterated AAR Insurance’s readiness and willingness to demonstrate that insurance can greatly motivate business growth considering its unwavering support for both the health and wealth of its vast consumer needs.

According to the CEO of SNDBX, Mr. Joram Mwinamo AAR Insurance partner, the efforts done by AAR Insurance are evident as it soars through the country with a goal for the continent. He further shared some insights on running a great sustainable business assessment from his management of WYLDE company.

The loyalty program unpacked by AAR Insurance Group Head of Distribution, James Kamau, is set to offer choice, inclusivity, and flexibility.

“The awards include daily recognition rewards, monthly awards, annual overseas trips, and top agents awards. The overall winner is expected to win an international trip and a cash award of Kshs. 500,000. This one-of-a-kind loyalty program runs throughout the year 2023. Viutravel will be AAR’s official travel partner for the winners to Malaysia and Singapore and has curated detailed itineraries of both countries,” said Mr. Kamau.

This is motivate its team of seasoned professionals who are always upholding the customer-centric approach, hence exceeding its customers’ expectations and delivery of value to all stakeholders.

In conclusion, the CEO of AAR Insurance assured his team remains committed to driving innovation, service excellence, and customer satisfaction as it continues to shape the industry’s future.

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