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Green spaces top real estate trends at the 32nd Kenya Homes Expo

by Oloo Winnie
Green spaces top real estate trends at the 32nd Kenya Homes Expo

Green spaces are fast gaining popularity in construction as developers incorporate natural elements as city dwellers demand balanced lifestyles.

The need has been spurred by the work-life routines in busy urban centres where homeowners prefer to retire in a relaxed atmosphere.

Daniel Ojijo, a real estate event organizer of the biggest homes expo, said that the trend may take a center stage in the new developments of urban house planning.

“We are seeing that many homeowners are looking for that hospitality aspect for the homes they want to purchase, so the atmosphere must really feel welcoming, this aspect will set a major impact on how residential and office space are constructed in many years to come,” says Mr Ojijo, the organizing chair for the Kenya Homes Expo.

The trend has also led to expansion in the property management sector where they are charged with taking care of such environments.

A manager at VillaCare, a real estate management firm said that there is an increased demand for landscaping services in city-up markets spearing the need for professionals in the real estate field.

“Recently we increased our workforce to cater for sustainable living as tenants recognise the benefits of healthy living environments. City planners, governments, and ordinary citizens are only just beginning to appreciate the tangible benefits of green spaces and take advantage of opportunities for improving quality of life in urbanized areas,” he says.

Phycologists say that interaction with natural spaces offers a variety of mental, physical and social benefits for homeowners ranging from stress reduction and quicker healing. In helping mitigate the effects of busy lifestyles, urban planners have sought motivation from nature.

Several research findings that people living in areas with higher population densities are more likely to experience mental health disorders. The World Health Organisation report that urban dwellers are more vulnerable to the extreme impacts of high-paced urban routines. Overcrowding, pollution, urban violence and less social support are contributing factors.

Access to nature has also been found to improve sleep and reduce stressincrease happiness and reduce negative emotions, promote positive social interactions and even help generate a sense of meaning to life.

Green spaces create landscapes that are inclusive, healthy, resilient, and sustainable and require investment choices.

The 32nd Edition of the Kenya Homes is expected to feature a range of properties highlighting the innovative trends in the building sector. The event will see leading developers and experts converge at a four-day affair at the KICC this October 20th-24th to share investment avenues.

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