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Guinness Celebrates Football Fans on Matchday

by Kwabe Ben

As the season drew to a close Guinness, the iconic beer brand renowned for its support of football fandom, geared up to celebrate the Brightest of Matchdays.

Recognizing that each fan brings something unique and special to the table to make the matchday shine brighter, Guinness hosted football enthusiasts, encouraging them to showcase their punditry skills to bag some amazing prizes.

Held at Bar Next Door, Kiambu Road, football fans had the opportunity to gather and participate in an engaging and lively event hosted by Lotan Salapei and Eric Njiru.

A special guest appearance by esteemed sports presenter, Carol Radull and veteran football presenter, Fred Arocho made sure that fans were entertained as the matches went on.
Attendees joined Njiru and Lotan to make their predictions for the last matchday.

Those whose predictions came true won goodies such as personalized engraved Guinness Goblets and fresh new, vibey Guinness merchandise.


Guinness Brand Ambassador, Lynn Wairimu Poses for a picture with a fan who won a Guinness retro after engaging in the predict and win mechanic during the Guinness brightest matchday made by the fans at Bar Next Door, Kiambu Road

According to Hettie Reed, Guinness Marketing Manager, it’s his belief that matchdays are indeed made by the fans.

“We know that each football fan brings something different to the table on Matchday. With our Predict & Win Matchdays, we are celebrating the invaluable contribution of football fans and encouraging them to bring their punditry skills to the table to make their matchday shine brightest. Whether you’re a seasoned pundit or simply love the beautiful game, this event is an opportunity to showcase football knowledge and passion while having the chance to win incredible prizes,” he said.

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