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How One American Company Is Aiding the People of Kenya

by Brian Yatich
How One American Company Is Aiding the People of Kenya
Zurvita is a company changing lives with its brand line of award-winning, natural, and clean products.


Zeal For Life is an all-in-one nutritional drink mix with essential nutrients and superfoods in one simple solution: each serving includes over 56 whole food nutrients that contain over 120 vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, and a natural source of clean energy that can provide a boost of consistent and stable, long-lasting energy throughout the day.


The impact of Zeal goes beyond its health benefits. With the Zeal for Meals Program, Zurvita donates three meals for every Zeal Canister sold, with a goal to provide one million meals to hungry families. Zurvita has just hit over 540K meals given as of last month and continues to grow and give back.



“Our Mission at Zurvita is to change lives in an easily accessible way. That means through award-winning all-natural products that help families live their healthiest, most vibrant lives, and our outreach programs,”  says Jay Shafer, Founder & CEO of Zurvita.


The Zeal for Meals Program has had a tremendous impact. Our consultants and customers can feel good about what they put in their bodies – and know they are feeding hungry families with each purchase. We are halfway to our goal of feeding a million people.


The Zurvita Zeal for Meals Program has directly impacted thousands of lives in peril, funding SERV International to provide food, shelter, medical help, and the word of God. The most recent impact reports state that the direct impact of Zeal for Meals includes:


  • The Kepoto VIllage in Northern Kenya – This region suffers from severe malnutrition; To date, Zeal for Meals has provided 30,000 meals in this particular area as well as medical outreach for over 320 men, women, and children; the village’s nearest medical facility is 46 miles away.
  • At the Hungary/Ukraine border and in Ukraine – SERV has deployed two teams and secured partnerships with local churches to provide food, essential support, and other necessary resources to refugees fleeing the war. To date, Zeal for Meals has allowed them to assist 500 Individuals and 200 families displaced by war.



Zurvita Consultants and customers can feel good about impacting lives worldwide and supporting these programs by enjoying Zeal, a natural nutritional, and clean energy drink mix made from superfoods stabilized rice bran, gamma oryzanol, guarana, green tea, and yerba mate extracts.


An independent clinical study showed  85% of healthy participants experienced improved overall mood and a 23% increase in vigor and activity, as well as less anxiety and fatigue by drinking two servings of Zeal a day. That’s right, Zeal is clinically tested to enhance your mood and decrease your stress levels.


Zeal is a low-calorie healthy energy drink that contains ZERO: Artificial flavors, coloring, sweeteners, preservatives, binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances. The delightfully sweet mixed Wild Berry, Tropic Dream, Mango or Grape flavors include:


  • Overall health and wellness support with Biotin, vitamins B12, C, D, and E, iron, magnesium, zinc, essential amino acids, and more.
  • Over 25 Natural Botanical Raw Ingredients, including stabilized rice bran, maca root, grape seed, wild blueberry, acai berry, ashwagandha, chlorella, goji berry, milk thistle, moringa, red ginseng, turmeric, and more.

This sustainable, premium ingredient drink mix is available in convenient, on-the-go stick packs and 30-serving canisters.

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