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How to Build a simple Brand that stands out

by Teddy Leting

Most social media users are in one way or the other putting a lot of efforts to bring out their (brand) identity, personality, work ethic, goals, aspirations, fears and values to grow a community them. This trims down to branding.

In the long run, the actions must make one unique and stay in mind of their target audience and maybe, the society at large.

Before you embark to branding, what attracts you to what you do? How will you exude your importance both to yourself, your target audience and all your social media community at large?

Below are some questions that can help you figure out how to stand out and BE THE BRAND.

  1. Why should people start thinking of themselves as a brand? 
  • Generally, all brands in some way are connected to human nature
  • The super companies and celebrity individuals didn’t become what they are by not positioning themselves as brands
  • You are your own brand. In one way or the other, you either give some services or involve yourself in product ideas.
  • For instance your voice identifies you in a unique way.

a) If you are a writer, your voice lives on paper.

b) If you are a musician, your voice lives within your instrument.

c) If you are a model, your voice resides in your eyes.

d) If you are an executive, a keynote speaker, your voice comes through your speech.

Additionally, your consistency in doing something, your network, mannerism and habits.

2. What would you say people get wrong about developing a personal brand?

Most people think building a brand doesn’t need them to show up for it daily. It is a lifestyle.

A brand can’t be by sharing all your abilities and talents at a go. You will have to choose one or two that will make you stand out. You will have to do it every single day. Inconsistency can never build you a great personal brand.

You cant identify yourself as A to person 1 and identify yourself as B to person 2. Where is the consistency and uniformity?

3. How do people go about crafting their narrative as a  thought leader or an expert within a subject-area?

  • Consistency in your content
  • Telling their own story
  • The network around your brand
  • Brand voice, habit, manner and character in general

4. How to stand out as a brand and be seen within Social Media and without

• Share testimonials which are fresh, relatable and believable to your audience

• Join Twitter lists, Facebook Groups and LinkedIn groups with individuals around the same niche you are operating on. Converse, engage and identify yourself as one of them.

• Share high quality educational materials that will push you to become an authority among your fellow educators

• Your profile, bio and content in general should exude some authority in it. You can send directions, call to action and inspire your audience to take action.

• Representing yourself in a certain way consistently, builds authority easily.

• Listen, observe and participate in conversations around your keywords and concepts.

• Associating yourself with strong brands is also vital in building branding Authority. These can be the top bookshops, educational sites, coach seminars and events organized by top professors, doctors and the ministry of education, just to mention a few.

5. People don’t want complicated brands. How does someone keep their brand simple?

  • Be authentic
  • Avoid monotony, the content, GIF, memes
  • Showing up in events and workshops
  • Use relatable examples when sharing your content so that your audience can consume it without difficulties

6. Best lessons l have learnt on branding you can takeaway

The best way to keep your brand alive is to be an educator in your area of expertise. This will keep you updated with information, give you room for conversations with your audience, create a larger audience and network around you.

Learning never ends. If you’re a digital marketing expert, train the upcoming to grow into experts too. People want to learn from brands which have authority in their area of expertise. Be the Brand with Authority.

Janet Machuka is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder #AfricaTweeChat, Director at Convex Africa Limited & Media Scientist

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