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Huduma card lauded as driver of financial inclusion

by Ben Oduor

By Ben Oduor

Huduma Card, a multipurpose prepaid card that allows majorly Kenya’s un- and under-banked citizens to benefit from being financially included and able to pay for and receive critical government services, has received a vote of confidence from the government.

The card was lauded due to the critical role it plays in the country in driving financial inclusion. The announcement made during the 2017 World Economic Forum (WEF) on Africa, was in line with the event’s focus which showcased how Africa is ensuring its citizens are empowered through inclusion.

Kenya has been on good course in financial inclusion as more of its population are said to run bank accounts. More are poised to open these accounts so as to operate per the country’s vision 2030 prospects which aim to improve efficiency and transparency of public services and payments.

Mastercard, one of the official technology partners to Huduma, ensures the card offers a secure and convenient way for citizens to transact. This it has enabled by working towards displacing cash with cards, and is committed to financially empowering 500 million people worldwide by 2020.

The company’s partnership with Huduma is part of the strategy to achieve this goal.

Denis Mutuku, CEO of huduma Kenya Secretariat, says he is confident the programs roll out will ensure government’s expectations and the needs of Kenyans are satisfied.

“With a successful pilot under our belt, we are confident that the national roll out of the Huduma Card will be successful, meeting the expectations of the Kenyan Government and the needs of all Kenyans. The road to achieving our long term goal of reaching 13 million citizens over a period of seven years is well underway,” he said.

Mutuku also pointed out that as part of the roll out strategy; the Huduma team is exploring various options to drive usage of the card, one being the recent launch of the Public Transport pilot in partnership with Matatu operators.


He noted that given the country’s dependence on public transport, the introduction of a transit payment solution will help reach more people with the greatest need in a meaningful and practical way.

On the other hand, Daniel Monehin, Division President and Financial Inclusion Lead for International Markets for Mastercard, praised Huduma as an exemplary technology that other African countries can emulate.

“The Huduma story in Kenya can be held up as a leading example across the rest of the continent of how technology, innovation and collaboration between public and private sector partners can be harnessed to implement flexible and safe payments that facilitate inclusive growth,” Monehin offered.

He also advised partners in both public and private sectors to continue with collaborating so as to implement some of the large scale initiatives that aim to develop strong financial ecosystems.


“Providing citizens across the continent with more seamless solutions to engage with and access government services remains a core priority of ours and we will keep partnering and collaborating with market leaders to make sure that Africans benefit from continued innovation that will deliver more inclusive economic ecosystems,” Monehin concluded.


The multi-purpose prepaid Huduma Card is provided by various Huduma Centre’s in Kenya and the four partner bank branches- CBA, DTB, Equity and KCB, and allows Kenya’s un- and under-banked citizens in particular to benefit from being financially included and able to pay for and receive critical government services since applicants do not require a credit check or bank account to apply.

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