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Instagram Unveils New Features For Content Creators

by Jacky Muraba

Social media platforms have been experiencing numerous changes and updates to keep up with the upcoming trends in the digital space and to boost users’ experience.

WhatsApp now allows users to react to messages, Instagram allows you to like a user’s story and so much more.

These upgrades come without surprise due to the competitive nature of social media platforms.

Did you know Instagram has a new set of features that are not only undoubtedly beneficial to creators but also enable you to enjoy your experience while on the platform?

A post made by Instagram’s Manager, Adam Mosseri highlights some of the new features.

90-seconds reels

Reels are short, usually entertaining videos on Instagram that allow users to share their creativity

and share their memories with their followers. Previously, users could post either 15, 30 or 60

seconds long reels. Instagram’s new update has extended the reel length to 90-seconds.

Importing your audio

This feature goes hand in hand with reels. Users could only use audio provided by Instagram.

However, the latest update allows reel creators to import their audio from anything in their

gallery and use it on their reels.


Launched this year, this feature allows creators to charge a monthly subscription fee in return for

exclusive content and benefits. Creators set a monthly subscription price of their choice, and a

“subscribe” button appears on their profile. With this, subscribers can access a variety of benefits

from exclusive live streams and stories.

Grid pinning

This is the ability to pin, whether photos, videos, or reels, to your profile. The pinned post in turn

becomes the first item on your timeline.

The growth experienced on Instagram is a true testament that the platform is here to stay with us; particularly because it offers user experiences that accommodate both personal and business accounts with each account having different interphase and algorithm from the other.

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