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Jiji Kenya feted Best Classifieds Website in offering digital solutions

by Brian Yatich

Jiji Kenya has been named as the winner of the Best Classifieds Website” category, in the recently concluded Digital Tech Excellence Awards.

The award goes to the company that has adopted digital solutions in the most efficient and convenient way to positively impact the lives of their buyers and sellers.   

The Online Marketplace scooped the Award through the attainment of the highest results in both customer satisfaction and the ease of use of their website, compared to all the other listed classifieds, thus ensuring their dominance in the award. 

Digital Tech Excellence Awards (Formally Digital Inclusion Awards) publicly celebrates the key players who offer digital solutions to the ever-changing world. They also recognize the brands who are on the lead in the provision of tech solutions to the corporate world, and by doing so, have served their clients better.

To determine the winners of the Digital Excellence awards, the award company compiles a list of the best performing classifieds and are then presented to several unbiased focus groups that complete comprehensive surveys, covering different criteria spread over various areas of tech solutions.

According to Maksym Golubev, Jiji Kenya’s Country Manager, the company, which prides itself as the biggest online marketplace, has placed great emphasis on customer satisfaction and safety on its platform, since their inception.

“This award reminds me of how it all started and every effort our team has put in to get to where we are now. To our buyers, sellers and Jiji family, may this award be a seal of what we can all achieve together.”

Earlier this year Jiji was awarded as the Best Classifieds Website, 2021 during the E-commerce Awards, 2021. This is a true testament to Jiji’s commitment to offering unmatched experience in their website, as a business imperative as it also aligns to Kenya’s economic progression goals.

“We remain committed to providing support to our buyers and sellers on our platform. It is one thing to be hardworking, but it is another when your brand is seen, heard and celebrated. To the whole of Jiji staff, our marketing team, our buyers and sellers, you are the reason we are getting this recognition,” said Grace Gikonyo, Head of Public Relations, Jiji Kenya.

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