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KCB feted best bank in the region

by Sharon Chepngetich

KCB Bank has been named the Best Bank in the Country and the Region’s Best Bank for SMEs during the Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2019.

The Euromoney Awards for Excellence are recognized as the most prestigious in the financial services industry globally. The Bank’s solid footprint with the largest branch network (258 branches) in the region and presence in six East African countries was a key attribute to the two awards.

The Bank has played a key role in supporting the region’s economy by providing the necessary financial muscle for infrastructure projects across the region.

As a financial institution, they are committed to championing a supportive domestic and international operating environment for SMEs to help promote linkages and partnerships with larger firms, domestically and internationally, that can enable SMEs to better exploit their competitive advantage when it comes to various sectors across the economy.

Under the umbrella of SME Banking, the KCB Biashara Club’s mandate is to avail business solutions and advisory services to the bank’s customers who are entrepreneurs in order to support them to grow with the bank.

Currently, they are in partnership with over with over 12,000 active club members in Kenya, and over 4,000 in South Sudan and Rwanda.

Speaking in London on Wednesday during the awards gala, KCB Group Chief Operating Officer Samuel Makome said, “As KCB a bank, these awards demonstrate our socio-economic contribution to the region and our commitment to creating value in the real economy. The core of our business lies in driving innovation while leveraging on technology in how we do business. Moving forward, we remain committed to continue performing our role to ensure that we support the aspirations of all our customers.”

The bank’s vision is to be the preferred financial solution provider in Africa with global reach. A priority area over the past five years is in the incorporation of technology into the Bank’s operations across the region. This ensures that customer satisfaction is achieved as they enjoy seamless, efficient services and processes.

“Our focus is on innovation that considers all the possible customer touch points to enable them pay, borrow, save simply. With a focus on digital innovation, transactions have shifted away from branches to non-branch platforms standing at 88 per cent of the total volumes, compared to 13 per cent handled at the branches,” added Mr. Makome.

KCB Bank, remains the most awarded financial institution in Kenya. This year KCB Bank has won; Best Bank by Global Finance Best Bank Awards; Best Digital Transformation in Online Banking and Best CSR Initiative Awards by Global Business Outlook; Best Regional Bank and Best Innovation Bank by Africa Banker Awards and the Most Admired Financial Services Award by Brand 100.

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