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Kenchic’s Feeds 1300 Less Fortunate Children in Korogocho Slums

by Ndungu Brian

Kenchic Limited fed over 1300 children in Korogocho slums yesterday as an act of love during this year’s Valentine season.

The company spread the love to the less fortunate by preparing and distributing home cooked meals to children residing in the slum. In line with the business Corporate Social Responsibility,

The activity was done in conjunction with the Children Sports and Learning Centre (CSLC) in Korogocho. CSLC is an initiative that offers mentorship and support to children within the community.

“This Valentine’s Day we wanted we show love to those who are often forgotten and neglected by society, especially around this holiday. They watch from the sidelines, and do not participate in the festivities of Valentine’s Day. We flipped the script with this event, and today we are taking time to make them feel like they are the center of attention, through our ‘Act of Love’,” says Romeo Jamoza, head of CSR, Kenchic.

The Kenchic Corporate Social Responsibility team were accompanied by digital influencers Dennis Ombachi and Gatuiri Irauka. The digital influencers helped in distributing breakfast and lunch to the less fortunate in Korogocho slum.

The company set up two different serving station locations in the slum, and the children were welcome to come and get breakfast and lunch through the day.

The menu saw people enjoying a nice hot bowl of uji in the morning from 7am, and for lunch, pilau rice and chicken stew were served from 11am.

“It was really important to me, and the influencers involved, to join Kenchic in taking a day to remind less fortunate people of their worth in society by making them feel loved and cared for this Valentines, and of course leaving their bellies full,” remarked digital food influencer Dennis Ombachi.

As a major contributor to the regional economy, Kenchic strives to operate in an open and transparent way. Kenchic’s business practices are based on ethical values and an ingrained respect for people and for the communities they serve.

The Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives Kenchic supports and engages in are selected to deliver value to society, however big or small.

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