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KenGen unveils its Community Engagement Strategy

by Sharon Chepngetich

KenGen on Wednesday unveiled its Community Engagement Strategy as it seeks to steer the organization’s engagement with communities across the country.

The energy firm has invested billions of shillings in energy projects including geothermal, hydro and wind energy.

With the framework in place, there will be increased growth based on return on investment, risk mitigation, faster project implementation, reduced direct project costs, reduced risk of litigation and breach of legal obligations as well as enhanced social benefits for local communities and greater business resilience, among others.

Energy Cabinet Secretary, Hon. Charles Keter, lauded KenGen’s move, saying it was a demonstration of a commitment to deepen engagement with communities. “This initiative to put in place a forward-thinking, values-based community engagement strategy is in line with global best practice,” he said.

KenGen Managing Director and CEO, Mrs. Rebecca Miano, said the company was undertaking mega energy projects and needed to work closely with communities to deliver on the projects.  “As an organization, we have seen community expectations change over time, meaning we must always adjust the way we relate with them to fit into the dynamic environment in which we operate. It is also important to point out that there is a growing need for communities to have a greater voice in the priorities and decisions that affect them,” she added.

KenGen collaborates with communities within its areas of operation to improve quality of life, especially through promotion of education, water supply and environmental conservation. It does so by providing clean drinking water, school infrastructure development and scholarship for bright, needy students.

The company has been working closely with communities by directly engaging them in power projects, building schools and providing water.

The Chairman of the KenGen Board, Mr. Joshua Choge, said the strategy plays a major role in enabling the organization to deliver on its commitment to shareholders as it aligns to the company’s objective to create value for all stakeholders.

Under the framework, KenGen has adopted a values-based approach geared towards managing expectations of community members and creating awareness about what KenGen is able to deliver.

The document was developed in conjunction with KenGen, United States Energy Association (USEA), Power Africa, Contact Energy of New Zealand and community members.


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