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Magoha warns of mobile phones in the exam rooms

by Ndungu Brian

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has warned examination center managers and invigilators against carrying phones to the exam rooms.

This is after a number of teachers were caught yesterday sending photos of exam papers, few minutes after the exam had started.

“We caught certain center managers taking photos of examination papers, about 39 minutes after the exam had started,” Magoha said.

Speaking after supervising the distribution of exam materials at the Nyeri Central KNEC container, he warned that center managers should ensure all teachers involved in the administration of the exams leave behind their phones.

“Center managers must keep their phones in the offices and they must ensure that all the invigilators and supervisors leave their cellphones in the office,” he said

Science, Kiswahili, and Insha will be administered today while Social Studies and Religious Education will be done tomorrow marking the end of year 2021 examinations.

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