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March For Life Calls For Protection of Family Values

by Kwabe Ben

Kenya Christian Professionals Forum in conjunction with Linda Uhai Consortium have marched the street this 25th in a March For Life emphasizing their stance in matters to do with the protection of social values. Through the march, a message is passed, cautioning on the essence of retaining family hood, for example about the future generations hence refuting the support of same-sex marriages as stated by the verdict in court.

Christian Professionals in Kenya have vowed to reinstate the “culture of life and family” after Kenya’s Supreme Court ruling that offered Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ) persons the right to form an association.

Every last week of March, the consortium holds the March For Life (Life Walk) which vitally advocates for the protection of humans from conception till the time of natural death. Since its commencement when the constitution was implemented in 2010, the march has been critical in pushing for human rights protection.

This year’s March For Life has been themed: ‘Protecting life and family in challenging Times’, seeking to motivate and inspire every citizen to partake in the stand against the destruction of family values. The urge to stand and march for the safeguarding of future generations was elicited by the Supreme Court’s decision on 24th February 2023.

A decision that both KCPF and Linda Uhai Consortium believe will gradually dismantle our legal, moral, and cultural prohibitions set against homosexual behavior. The members and leaders have called on political leaders to give a hand in the restoration of a culture of life and family in Kenya not only for ourselves but also for our posterity.

According to Mr. Macharia a representative of the churches, the move shouldn’t be embraced if we are going to have future generations.” This is a type of programming that’s being used in play whereby, when someone can think about it, then they are most likely to do it. Let’s protect future generations, “he added.

In regards to the constitution, KCPF is guided by Articles 26 (1) and Article 26(2) stating that every human life has a right to live, and life begins at conception.

At this moment faced with this threat that could probably erode the family culture thereby putting lives at risk of missing younger generations, KCPF is at the forefront. Championing for a process ongoing of amending the constitution with the Church and Mosque leaders.

Mr. Kanjama Charles, Chairman of Kenya Professional Christians Forum (KCPF), has called on religious leaders to come together and collect signatures from all the counties. “The collection of signatures is critical since this is the peoples’ voices on the issue of LGBTQ. Let all the people give their opinions then from there we shall initiate the amendment of the constitution,” he said.

Kenya’s Christian professionals express their concern about the challenges the people of God have to deal with, saying, “We are in difficult times and forces of goodwill must come together to protect these vital values in our society.”

“These unbelievable activities and beliefs of LGBT groups are a big threat to family and life and we must resist those groups,” they say and urge Kenyans to unite in the fight against homosexuality and engage in the advocacy for the restoration of values that foster life and the family unit in the nation.

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