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Martha Karua ‘Iron Lady’ Giving Women a Voice

by Kwabe Ben

In a statement on Tuesday, Gatundu south MP Moses Kuria said that only a William Ruto and Martha Karua ticket will save Kenyan politics from dynasty domination.

Speaking on social media, the member of parliament said the ticket would assure a light of hope to millions of Kenyans.

Martha Karua, the Narc party leader has opted to stay mum about her decision for 2022 general elections, path and allies.

Earlier on citing a lack of honesty amongst the leaders even those signing agreements together as some would still turn out being the ones stabbing your back. This uncertainty has been witnessed more than once as politicians align in movements that would best fit their interests.

Kuria speaking on his Facebook remarked, “pick a side and put on your jersey. I look forward to an imminent Ruto-Karua ticket to save this country from eternal dynastic domination and give hope to millions of children who went to school barefooted. If you decide otherwise, you will remain my sister, my senior and my friend.”

The comments followed after Karua’s interview with NTV where she disclosed that One Kenya Alliance (OKA) had collapsed the moment partner parties signed a deal with Azimio la Umoja. Adding that the move wasn’t wrong moreover everyone and every party was at liberty to choose their own stand.

Martha mentioned, “our partners have negotiated and feel like the deal is good, we can’t stop them from proceeding. We made it clear when we signed the deal that it was not a prison. If our partners have gone before us, it is their right, when our time comes, we will do that which will suit Us.”

Karua who was chosen as the Mt Kenya Unity Forum group’s spokesperson, insists that the doors to joining either of the two coalitions are still open even as she still has her eyes set on the Kirinyaga Gubernatorial seat.

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