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Martha Karua Wins Running Mate Slot

by Kwabe Ben

Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Presidential aspirant Raila Odinga has named Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua as the most eligible running mate for his party.

Raila settled on Karua who apparently scored the highest points among the contenders following interviews by the Running Mate Selection Panel.

The Azimio leader cited the need to have somebody whom he would share with an ideology and be relied on throughout the decision-making.

Speaking during the announcement at Kenyatta International Convention Centre Raila Odinga shared about a past he had experienced and overcome with Martha through the political terrains.

“We have decided that the holder of the Deputy President’s office has to be a woman. I will describe this woman – at the age of 24 she became one of the youngest magistrates. She was also among the youngest parliamentarians when elected to office in 1992. When I was arrested and placed in detention, she led a team of 27 lawyers who defended me at great personal risk.

“My dear comrades, cometh the hour, cometh the woman, I have picked as my running mate, and Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Constitutional Affairs, the Honourable Martha Wangari Karua,” Raila stated.

The selection comes days after the party leader received the suggestion from the Azimio Advisory Panel led by former cabinet minister Noah Wekesa.

Martha Karua accepted the assigned role saying, ” the People of Kenya, family and friends, I am deeply honoured by the decision to nominate me as the Deputy Presidential candidate for Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party. I stand before you fully aware of the implications and symbolism of this moment and although I have the singular privilege to stand before you this morning, this nomination is truly a collective honour that cannot be left for me alone to savour.”

Adding that I have been in the trenches with Raila Odinga, we have come a long way in the struggle and the fight for the second liberation. We urge you to please come and walk with us.

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