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Microsoft Launches African Development Centre in Nairobi


Microsoft an American technology giant has set up world class Africa Development Centre in Nairobi, westlands.

The Centre is designed to create technology solutions for local and global impact being the second ADC since the first set up in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Centre is located in the iconic Dunhill Towers, Westlands Nairobi.

According to a statement by Kanze Dena, statehouse spokesperson, the center is designed to be a platform for world class African Talent towards creation of solutions for local and global impact.

She said,” Microsoft, the American technology giant, set up two ADCs in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya to provide an environment for African techies to develop solutions to address local and global challenges.”

The toured facility that hosted up to 450 developers and more working on different applications.

Offering an opportune venture for the young innovators as well as technology experts or tech lovers to learn more, get jobs even practice their ideas to reality.

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