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Miguna Miguna another try for Nairobi Governor Seat

by Kwabe Ben
Nairobi Gubernatorial Enigma

Renowned Kenyan Canadian-based lawyer, Miguna Miguna, who had been forced to exile from Kenya early march 2018, has now declared his interest for the post of governor in Nairobi.

Miguna in the last elections ran for the gubernatorial seat of Nairobi though it seems luck was not on his side.

The exiled lawyer on allegations of treason is again back at it for the 2022 race assuring the citizens of his eligibility to lead the people in spite of the past events that ensued.

In an interview with the KTN’s Ken Mijungu on Wednesday, the outspoken barrister proved a hard nut to crack as he twisted the interview in to his dimensions in order to speak out boldly.

Miguna went on sparking uneasiness in the journalist as he spat grave allegations against the president that had Mijungu severally attempting to interrupt him. He kept the onslaught ongoing as he claimed the allegations being made as nothing but pure truth despite how hard hitting, they seemed.

He went ahead to assure the journalist of safety at work and that he shouldn’t be worried of being fired from work due to the lawyer’s revelations. Claiming that he’s still ready to stand and fight on.

The embattled lawyer insists his rights as a Kenyan citizen are of a major impact for they entitle him to the rights every other Kenyan enjoys in the country.

He  believes that there is a chance of maneuvering the elections to coming out with a win, not considering circumstances of absence from campaign trails as well as engaging the people in masses.

Miguna, who contested in the 2017 elections against Mike Sonko, although lost, said he had not yet given up on his ambitions of serving the Nairobians.

Being a Kenyan citizen Miguna said, “I intend to run for the Nairobi gubernatorial seat. I am a registered voter and I can run for office.”

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