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‘No Food No Elections’

by Kwabe Ben

Citizens have today in commemoration of the Saba Saba day march that was protesting against the one-party state on July 7, 1990, marched the Nairobi CBD protesting against the high food prices.

Chants of ‘Tuko Njaa’ to mean we are hungry and ‘No food no election’ rented the air as the people in solidarity marched raising their voices to the politicians over the alarming rate at which survival has become cumbersome.

The citizens decry hunger amidst high living costs despite the closeness to the elections of the August polls that have seen aspirants parade fuel guzzlers and choppers nationwide seeking to woo voters into voting for them.

The people’s demands according to the Communist Party of Kenya are;

  • Improved living standards with an immediate lowering of the cost of basic commodities.
  • Demand for immediate decriminalization of the youth; addressing the end to police brutality and murder of the young that go unsolved.
  • Demand for social justice and full employment of the people.


  • A demand for self-government that is free of all kinds of exploitation and oppression from person to person enables people to determine their destinies.


  • A demand to control education for our people in that they are taught their true history, exposing the lies and failures of ruling elites.
  • Rejection of foreign laws in Kenya; loans, policies, and interferences with National politics.
  • Urgency in the provision of decent housing, land, education, clothing, justice, and peace.


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