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Oraimo launches Burna Boy tuned SpacePods “Moonlight edition”

The upgrade of the oraimo FreePods series is embellished with cutting-edge audio components, a blend of futuristic designs, and advanced technology innovation

by Kwabe Ben

Smart Accessories Giant, oraimo recently teamed up with Afrobeat star & Grammy Award Winner; Burna Boy, to launch the most sophisticated earbuds in the history of true wireless audio, ‘’the Oraimo SpacePods’’ Moonlight edition.

This time, oraimo took the innovation ‘’out of this world’’. In what fans have described as an unparalleled auditory device with a cosmic symphony of space-bound rhythm. The upgrade of the oraimo FreePods series is embellished with cutting-edge audio components, a blend of futuristic designs, and advanced technology innovation. There are two editions, a limited collection (Moonlight edition) another, a standard version which is available to everyone.


Burna has teamed up with oraimo to craft an impressive, outer space-level product that embodies his sound, artistry, style, journey, and craftsmanship. The product is centered on Burna’s personality, and an expression of his conviction, as he sees himself out of the world. It comes with a Burna’s tuning mode and voice prompt which invites you to experience his world of artistry & excellence.

The “Moonlight edition” also takes inspiration from the young African explorer, capturing the essence of adventure and discovery. Musically, it portrays a young African Music lover as an astronaut; who is free to explore unlimited music genres with no end.


With a sleek and stylish slide-to-open design, these ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) enabled earbuds offer a seamless audio experience like no other. It can eliminate up to 30dB of noise, so whether you’re immersed in your favorite playlist or taking important calls, the ANC feature ensures crystal-clear sound by blocking out unwanted background noise.

The Lunar-inspired aesthetics give them an ethereal glow, taking you on an audio journey that feels “out of this world” where anything is possible. The attention to detail is remarkable, as every element has been carefully curated to reflect both Oraimo’s commitment to excellence and Burna Boy’s creative vision.

The upgrade of the oraimo FreePods series is embellished with cutting-edge audio components, a blend of futuristic designs and advanced technology innovation

Burna Boy’s tuned masterpiece is furnished with the latest Bluetooth technology, powerful batteries, Custom EQ, and Custom controls. The SpacePods can provide up to 36-hr music-listening in ANC off mode and 26-hr in ANC on mode. For music lovers, this is yet another buddy because; with built-in fast charging technology, users can enjoy 100 minutes of music listening with only 5mins’ of charging. It also allows you to customize your exclusive personal style with 6 EQs easily synchronized via the oraimo sound App. The device has Custom UI Control that enables you to choose the earbud controls you are most comfortable with.

The new device revolutionizes the way we experience gaming and elevates our audio adventures. With a cutting-edge low-latency algorithm that significantly reduces the visual and auditory time difference; where every sound and movement sync seamlessly for enhanced precision and responsiveness. What more could a gamer wish for?

The earbuds are equipped with IPX5 waterproof technology, protecting against water splashes and sweat during intense workouts or outdoor activities.


What sets these SpacePods apart from others is their antibacterial ear tips designed with hygiene in mind, these ear tips are crafted using innovative materials that effectively repel bacteria, ensuring a clean and safe listening experience.

The oraimo SpacePods “Moonlight edition” captures a sense of exclusivity that resonates with those who crave something extraordinary. It’s not just about owning a pair of wireless earbuds; it’s about being part of an experience that pushes boundaries and celebrates individuality/creativity.

The state-of-the-art device allows users to seamlessly slide open, connect, and immerse themselves in a world of high-quality audio. The latest release of the earbuds series gives users a touch of elegance and also reflects Oraimo’s dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of innovation combined with artistry as there are only 20pcs available globally.  Be one of the few who can enjoy music and communication with unparalleled clarity while showcasing your unique style. Step into another dimension with oraimo SpacePods “Moonlight edition” – where technology meets creativity in perfect harmony.

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