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P&G Kenya Unveil Washing Powder for Washing Machines

by Tullah Stephen

Procter & Gamble (P&G) Kenya on Saturday unveiled its new brand of washing powder ‘Ariel’ in both machine and hand wash format.  This comes in the wake of a recent survey by P&G that revealed that about 2 per cent of Kenyan households own washing machines. Out of these population the survey further revealed that 60 per cent use ordinary washing powder in their machines.

According to Francisco Gala, Ariel Brand Manager, the new Ariel Auto machine wash powder, has smarter active ingredients optimally able to remove tough stains on sensitive areas such as collar, armpits and cuffs.

“The formula works deep down at the fibre level to clean, protect and enhance quality of clothes. It also offers an excellent stain removal in just one wash.”

Francisco Gala, Ariel Brand Manager displays the new Ariel Auto

Francisco Gala, Ariel Brand Manager displays the new Ariel Auto

Using traditional detergents, Gala explains, leads to generation of a lot of foam which prevents proper cleaning with the modern washing machines. “Clothes may not be washed properly in shorter cycles and consumers may opt for longer cycles. Meaning they will have to spend more electricity on their washing or result to cleaning manually.”

Ariel Auto wash product will retail for KSh890 for the 2kg pack while KSh1,295 for the 3Kg pack.  As part of the launch activities, P&G has partnered with HotPoint Kenya to provide the product not only with every purchase of the washing machine but also educate consumers on how to use the product.

Ariel Auto’s launch is set to intensify competition in the laundry care products. Already Unilever Industries the makers of Omo, already stocking their machine wash product in some stores in Kenya.

Gala said the demand for laundry products is expected to grow in the coming years owing to the favorable demographic trends. “With Kenyans investing in washing machines, it is essential that we offer them quality products designed for this purpose.”

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