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President Uhuru Kenyatta presides over cadets commissioning parade

by Ndungu Brian

President Uhuru Kenyatta has today presided over the passing out parade of 298 direct entry inspectorate cadet officers at the National Police College Main Campus Kiganjo in Nyeri County.

The graduating cohort is the largest group of direct entry cadet inspectors to be trained at the college and were recruited as part of the ongoing police reforms.

The officers 220 male and 78 females are specialist graduates holding varied undergraduate and postgraduate academic qualifications from different higher institutions.

“Ahead of you lies years of service to the people of Kenya. You are joining the security sector at a time when we are implementing significant reforms in the security sector with a view to restoring the face of pride of our security organs. At the same time, the Kenyan society at large is also experiencing significant transformation particularly in terms of expectations of our citizens, therefore you should expect Kenyans to expect more of your quality service than any other previous crop of officers.” Uhuru said.

The President expressed his confidence on the graduates that if they apply their training and maintain discipline and most importantly their integrity and faithfully follow the orders of their superiors they will have a long, distinguished and rewarding career in the police service.

“I therefor urge you to rise to the challenge and to exceed the expectations of many. Serve with dignity, integrity honor and velour and anything you say or do whether in uniform or outside of it, remember that you represent the entire police service and the government solemn commitment to the people of Kenya to serve and protect them.

The Commander in Chief outlined a number of reforms that have been put in place such as acceleration of enhanced security sector reforms, enhanced resources and modernizing of the police service in efforts to make it well prepared and resourced in surmounting the dynamic existential and emerging security challenges to ensure there is peace and stability in the whole country.

The president further directed the Inspector General together with the Chief of the Kenya Defense Forces to ensure that the National Police Leadership College that is about to be opened for absorbing the next intake to ensure that it becomes a constituent college of the National Defense University of Kenya to enable that cadets to graduate with a degree.

He concluded his statement by calling upon the graduates to serve Kenyans with fidelity according to the oath with courage and integrity in order to bring honor to themselves, their families, the police service and to the nation at large.

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