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Primary Healthcare is Essential for Every Citizen- PS Dr. Josephine Mburu

by Kwabe Ben
Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare (PHC)is the backbone of Universal Health Coverage as it assures that every citizen has access to vital healthcare services.

The Ministry of Health, Development partners, County Representatives, and the Council of Governors have convened to review the state of PHC measurements and performance in Kenya and explore strategies to build on the investments so far for greater impacts.


The workshop brings together local and global stakeholders to learn from the Kenyan experience and discuss potential next steps in the future of PHC measurements in Kenya.

The PS said that the government has invested in digitization of healthcare services innovative initiatives to Kenyans


The Principal Secretary, of the Ministry of Health State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, Dr. Josephine Mburu reiterated the government’s commitment to improving primary Healthcare.







“The Ministry of Health has prioritized PHC through very strategic investments; we have a strong community strategy that has seen over 90% of community units having community health volunteers, we have dedicated efforts towards establishing primary care networks in all counties, developed an electronic community health information system now in use countrywide among other initiatives,” said the PS.

Dr. Mburu said that such initiatives are aimed at making sure that all Kenyans including vulnerable populations such as the poor, orphans, People Living With Disabilities (PWDs), and those faced with discrimination due to gender and age have access to quality healthcare services.

Further highlighting how the government has invested in the digitization of healthcare services and innovative initiatives such as telemedicine for the efficient delivery of healthcare services to Kenyans.

Thereby ascertaining that provision of primary healthcare for every citizen in spite of their location is key and its iher intention to ensure its adhered to as well as attained.

In conclusion called on all stakeholders, including the county governments, development partners, the private sector, and civil society to support the government in strengthening measurement mechanisms for PHC interventions and outcomes. “Let us resolve to take forward the commitments we have agreed to as we progress toward the welfare of our people.’ She urged.

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