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Realme Edges Competition in New C Series

by Kwabe Ben

The Realme phone C series is attributed to going to the best entry-level phone redefining the realme C series as it seeks to become an all-champion phone with segment-leading features. The world’s fastest-growing smartphone brand has ensured top-notch quality after a consideration of upgrades on the C Series.

The new upgraded C Series sees to the goal of being the best choice in the segment, and realme illustrates that the “C” is for Champion and C Series is “a champion of the segment.” Moreover, realme promotes the concept of ‘Everyone is a champion in life’ aiming to create “a champion phone that everyone can afford.”

Realme earlier rolled out the “SPIRE strategy” on GT Series and Number Series, now realme incorporates its C Series into the “SPIRE strategy,” showing its determination of redefining the entry-level phone by making the C Series a product line with flagship standard. With strategic upgrades, the new C Series will achieve segment-leading tech with a focus on image, storage, charging, and design.

The “SPIRE strategy” illustrates that the product will lead with one major leap-forward technology, which will be the spire of the realme product tower. And it will also be supported with superior design, performance, and experience which is the stable foundation of this tower.

According to tens of thousands of feedback from C Series users, realme found that there are about 70% of users want larger storage, 56% want a better camera and 50% need faster charging. Therefore, realme will make efforts in three areas: To deliver a camera with higher pixels, in addition to larger storage space and faster charging, for an improved all-around user experience. Besides, realme keeps “Dare to Leap” in mind, aiming to deliver a user experience beyond all expectations with more leap-forward features on C Series. With this, realme is to adhere to bringing bold and high-end industrial designs to C-Series products, surpassing all other phone designs in the segment.

Its realme’s conviction that entry-level phones do not mean the trade-off and degradation of specs, and promises to keep bringing segment-leading features that exceed users’ expectations, raising the benchmark of the entry-level phone market.

Based on this eligibility of providing clients with satisfaction through the products, realme stresses the provision of segment-leading entry-level smartphones, realme aims to enable the young around the world to enjoy their champion experience in every moment and grow up with them.

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