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Roam Move Electric Bus Launched

Roam takes on the bus operations offering a quieter, cleaner, and more economical way to get around with low carbon emissions

by Kwabe Ben

● Roam in collaboration with pilot partners includes big players in the transport sector such as Riara Schools, KBS Sacco, Virginia Coach, ZamZam Sacco, and Good Testimony Schools launched the Roam Move Bus shuttle.
● The start of the electric shuttle bus operation promises a quieter, cleaner, and more economical way to get around the city, especially with rising fuel prices and the urgent need to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the transport sector.

Roam has announced the official start of the Roam Move electric shuttle bus operation. The Roam Move is the
second bus type by the company (the first being the Roam Rapid, their electric mass transit bus.) Since this is a locally assembled electric shuttle bus, this pilot program marks a significant milestone in Roam’s commitment to providing clean and efficient urban mobility solutions.

Roam Move is not just a product; it’s a commitment to a cleaner future. By picking the Roam Move, partners such as Riara Schools, KBS Sacco, Virginia Coach, ZamZam Sacco, and Good Testimony Schools, all choose to be part of a sustainable urban transportation solution that benefits the environment and our community.

The Roam Move runs solely on electricity to eliminate emissions and make a substantial impact on reducing the urban transportation carbon footprint. Inside, passengers can enjoy their journeys with spacious, comfortable seating and air conditioning. Moreover, the Roam Move’s electric motor guarantees a noise-pollution-free and zero-emissions
experience, benefiting passengers and the communities it serves.


Notably, it has a carrying capacity of 51 passengers and a range of 200km. The Roam Move offers a range of benefits, with one standout feature being its low maintenance requirements in comparison to its diesel-run counterparts. This not only keeps operational costs significantly lower, reducing expenses by up to 50% but also guarantees that bus operators can maximize efficiency and minimize maintenance overheads.

These substantial cost savings for operators translate into affordable and budget-friendly rides for everyday commuters, ensuring that sustainable travel is accessible to all.

“We are thrilled to officially launch the Roam Move bus operation and introduce an innovative, sustainable transportation solution to the city of Nairobi,” said Dennis Wakaba, Country Sales Executive at Roam. “Our mission is to enhance urban mobility while minimizing environmental impact, and the Roam Move is a prime example of that commitment. We believe this will revolutionize the way people travel within the city, making it more convenient and eco-friendly.”

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