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South Africa’s President picks Mo Dewji as investment advisor

by Brian Yatich
South Africa's President picks Mo Dewji as investment advisor

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has appointed Tanzanian businessman, Mohammed Dewji (Mo), to his five-member panel to advise him on economic and investment issues.

In a statement released by Mohamed Enterprises Limited (MeTL), Mo Dewji would be on the board for a period of five years.

Mo will be responsible for the development and implementation of strategies and programs to attract and retain domestic and foreign direct investment to the Republic of South Africa.

“The appointment takes into consideration the role that Mo Dewji has played through his investments in a number of countries in Africa where his companies have created a lot of jobs,”

reads the statement in part.

President Ramaphosa back in 2019 announced the appointment of an 18-member presidential economic advisory council, in line with his pronouncements in the state-of-the-nation address in February.

The Presidency said it was finalising the appointment of an economist and leader from West Africa who had accepted an invitation to be appointed to the council.

“President Ramaphosa has thanked the council members for accepting the invitation to serve South Africa’s development in their capacity as members of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council and assured them that their insights, critiques and recommendations will ultimately serve to build a sustainable and inclusive economy that meets the needs of citizens and is globally competitive at the same time.”

The council will be supported by a secretary to be drawn from National Treasury and the presidency’s policy and research unit.

“It is expected that the council will serve as a forum for in-depth and structured discussions on emerging global and domestic developments, economic and development policies, and to facilitate socialisation and diligent execution thereof.”

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