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Tatu City launches its own internet service

by Ndungu Brian

Tatu City has received a telecom operating license to provide internet services to businesses and residents within its housing project.

The license classifies Tatu Telecom Company, the trading entity, as a Network Facilities Provider (NFP) Tier 2 and Application Service Provider (ASP).

Tatu Telecom offers internet with record browsing speeds, reliability and robust troubleshooting measures facilitated by in-house engineers.

Tatu Telecom has also built an open-access network that allows multiple internet service providers to serve Tatu City residents and businesses.

Speaking during the launch, Alex Kahu, Head of Utilities, Tatu City, said, “This is a major milestone for us as it underpins our commitment to provide the best in class utility services in Tatu City. We are confident in our infrastructure and are leveraging on it to accommodate all major internet service providers in Tatu City.”

Tatu City is connected to the country’s leading national backbone internet fibre, allowing residents and businesses flexibility for connectivity to Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP) and global telecommunication providers without incurring additional infrastructure costs.

“We have laid 13.9 km of fiber optic cable and intend to lay another 29.4 km by the end of 2022 in Tatu City. We are currently serving more than 250 residential and commercial customers, including schools and local, regional and multinational companies. We are responsive to people working from home and businesses which need seamless internet connectivity for their operations,” he added.

Tatu City has invested more than KES 25 billion in infrastructure and development, achieving notable milestones such as completing its 135MVA power substation, more than 30 km of tarmacked roads and 5 million litres of water storage, with a planned expansion to accommodate 30 million litres of water.

As Kenya’s first operational Special Economic Zone, Tatu City is home to more than 60 businesses that can enjoy 10% corporate tax for 10 years (and 15% for the subsequent 10 years), import duty exemptions and zero-rated VAT, among other business-friendly benefits.

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