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The second scramble of Africa

by Oloo Winnie

Long ago, brethren, our ancestors were wooed with the glitz and glamour of imports from the colonial governments. These goodies included wine, weapon, spices and some ornaments that triggered our now departed ancestors selling us to slavery.

Our brothers who could not pay debts in time were exchanged in slavery trade, for the chiefs and the kings of that time to get the feel of new linen on their bodies. Woe to the young children and women who walked alone, they were captured to be sold later for a bottle or two of wine.

Several years later, they are on the other side of the developed world, while we here are still trying to mark out foot in this wild world. Slavery trade brought some of the industrial development to the Western world, while on the African continent we were left with dysfunctional families bearing the scourge of a brother’s betrayal. I often think that would be the reason why in every family there is always a suspected brother or uncle willing to make away with the inheritance.

Fast forward to modern times, the world superpowers are determined in participating towards our economy growth. The frequency of conferences and summits held to strengthen our relations are becoming countless. They all would love to invest, but as the wise say, when a deal is too good think twice. As an African millennial, I would tell you brothers to think more than twice, let’s think ten times if not more. Africa boasts of natural resources ranging from, crude oil, its rare earth metals, and a weather that supports agriculture.

Asia, Russia, and we ourselves are aware of this. We are also aware that we are struggling with wiggling economy, so we are seeking help, and millions are pumped into our infrastructure in our aim to boost this. However, I fear that these are soft debt traps for our future generations who will be held captives for our gluttonous borrowing habits as we have to put mechanisms to pay back. We sold our brothers into captivities, we might end up selling our countries colonized nations too, handing them to the superpowers without a fight.


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