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TikTok Celebrates Fathers Playing Dynamic Roles In The Digital Age

by Ndungu Brian

Father’s Day is almost here, and as is the tradition, TikTok is bringing together fathers from across the world to display and appreciate the integral role they play in their kids’ lives.

With the hashtag #dadtok having garnered over 1.8 billion views, fathers have taken to the platform to share authentic parenting advice that includes their challenges and successes as well as helpful tips for other parents.

This year we are shouting out to all fathers who consistently remind us of their dynamic roles in the digital age while inspiring new dads and helping influence society positively.

Here are some popular dads on TikTok who keep us entertained as they share their experiences, offer guidance and give hope in fun and inspiring ways:

The Journey to fatherhood

Tylermbaya is a new parent who has walked the journey to parenthood. He proves that parenthood begins before the baby is born by sharing his secrets about how he attended to his wife at the hospital – now that’s what we see as a pillar of strength ready to be a caring dad.

As a bonus, this celebrity dad has also quickly mastered the art of cleaning baby utensils. Here are a few links to his fatherhood content:

Dads who can cook

We don’t highlight dads enough for their cooking skills, so today we’re doing just that by shining the light on Dennis Ombachi, popularly known as Theroamingchef, who is not only a father but also a talented and creative cook.

Surprisingly, he is self-taught and never attended culinary lessons to learn his craft. His content on TikTok has placed him on the global map, and he can easily be mistaken for a professional chef in a five-star restaurant.

Most importantly, Dennis is a responsible father who nurtures his son. Here are some of his videos:

Daddy bond

Iduissak brings parenthood to life through his comedic skits based on his daily life issues.

When not performing for his fans, he is a great father who loves to spend quality time with his children. In his content, he often talks about how he is molding the next generation of great talents in a fun and creative ways. Here is how he does it.

Priest of the Home

Kabiki WaJesus reminds us of the important role that fathers play in Christian homes. One of
his videos shows him expressing his emotions about his daughter’s birth and about the immediate blessings that came with it. See his inspiring videos here:


Modern-day fathers are finding ways to make parenting fun, which is a great way to strengthen bonds with children at a young age.

Daddiemarto is a perfect role model and brings out the noble fact that mums need breaks too. He always knows how to step in with his creative skills to calm his baby, and he enjoys spending quality time with his whole family. See his content here:

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