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Total Kenya Records 50 pc Jump in profits

by Brian Yatich

Petroleum and Gas supplier, Total Kenya has announced an increase of 50.3 per cent in pre-tax profit of Kshs 3.94 billion for the year ended Dec 31, 2016.

The rise in pre-tax profit from Kshs 2.62 billion reported at the end of 2015 has been driven by prudent cost management and sustained operational efficiency.

“The improved financial performance has mainly been driven by action plans set by management to grow the business in all segments, effective management of working capital requirements, costs, cash, and investments in safety and profitable business ventures,” said Total Kenya Managing Director Anne-Solange Renouard.

The NSE listed firm said its total assets increased from Kshs 34.22 billion in 2015 to Kshs 36.18 billion last year.

Profit after tax increased by 38 percent from Kshs 1.62 billion in 2015 to Kshs 2.23 billion.

The drop in international oil prices led to a decrease of 26 percent in net sales. . The effective cost of sales management and stronger focus on more profitable business segments in 2016 led to increase in  Gross margins by 12 percent from Kshs 6.99 billion in 2015 to Kshs 7.85 billion last year.


Their income increased by Kshs 197 million as a result of growth in rental income and non-forecourt activities.

“As a key objective set by management, operating expenses were closely managed and were controlled at below inflation growth. Net finance income grew by Kshs 36 million resulting from effective cash management,” Managing Director, Total Kenya Anne-Solange Renouard said.

Due to the stability of the Kenya shilling against the US dollar, the forex loss was lower at Kshs 22 million compared to Kshs 320 million in 2015.

Investments in long-term assets totalling to Kshs 1.54 billion were made in the year, in line with the strategy to develop the business in the core activities and to continue to tap on business opportunities. This was done in full compliance with the safety and environmental requirements and standards.

She said the macro-economic environment remained quite stable last year compared to the volatile 2015 with both petroleum prices and the Kenyan shilling contributing to the stability.

The Directors have recommended the payment of a first and final dividend of Kshs 1.06 per share for the year compared to Ksh. 0.77 per share paid in 2015.

This proposed payout represents an increase of 38 per cent as compared to 2015 and is subject to the shareholders approval at the 63rd Annual General Meeting to be held on June 16, this year.

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