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UAP-Old Mutual  beefs up market with new consumer drive

by Brian Yatich

Financial services  provider UAP Old Mutual Group has embarked on consumer drive exercise as it seeks to consolidate the  gains realized by the merger of UAP and Old Mutual last year.

The campaign  dubbed “Good Company” is  part of the Group’s  integration process  that brings together UAP, Old Mutual and Faulu Micro Finance bank and is  expected to give the two financial service firm a stronger footing in a challenging economic environment.

“We are poised to reap great gains from the merger as we draw on shared experiences and better management capabilities . The combined UAP Old Mutual Group platform creates numerous opportunities for the realisation of revenue and cost synergies which will boost our profitability and returns to our shareholders,” said UAP Old Mutual Group Chief Executive, Peter Mwangi.

Part of the integration has resulted in the Group launching the Integrated Financial Services Centres that now offer financial solutions under one roof including insurance, investment management, banking and securities brokerage services.

The first Integrated Financial Services Centre was launched in Nairobi in early August.

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