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Uber ChapChap Expands Footprint To Kisumu

by Brian Yatich

Today, Uber announced the launch of its low cost mobility option, Uber ChapChap in Kisumu with minimum fares starting at just Ksh 150.

The launch unlocks more earning opportunities for drivers and gives residents increased reliable ways of moving around the city safely. 

Imran Manji, Head of East Africa Uber said that the launch of Uber ChapChap in Kisumu provides a more economical and greener way to travel around the city.

“As Kisumu is the third largest city in Kenya, the new offering opens up opportunities for drivers to increase their earnings and gives residents more flexibility and security when travelling around the city.”


With the cost of living rising globally, the Uber business model allows drivers to maintain their independent status, whilst providing them with increased flexibility and earnings. Uber plays a key role within the economy and has already provided thousands of sustainable economic opportunities across Kenya.


Michael Wanga, Kisumu City Manager added that Kisumu is transforming and is going through a significant transition, which involves mobility and transportation systems to cater for growth of the city.

The arrival of Uber will enhance security in our mobility systems.

Riders will still be able to see all driver details, such as their licence plate number, name and photo, before taking the trip. With a strict onboarding process, all drivers are required to have the necessary licences and go through a thorough background check before being allowed to use the app.

Riders and drivers also have access to the Safety Toolkit which houses all of Uber’s safety features such as an in-app emergency button, Trusted Contacts and Share My Trip. These features all increase transparency, accountability and peace of mind for all users on the app. 

To request an Uber ChapChap trip, riders need to simply open the app, tap on Uber ChapChap and select their preferred payment option. Riders can see a driver’s rating, which indicates others’ experiences and provides transparency. For ease of communication, riders can contact their driver through the app or via phone.  

“Uber’s goal is to be a partner to cities supporting them in their growth, by providing innovative mobility options. We are more committed than ever to playing a critical role in complementing existing public transportation infrastructure, whilst creating more economic opportunities for Kenyans”, adds Imran Manji.

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