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Uber Enhances Safety Measures with GPS Tracking, RideCheck & Emergency Support

by Brian Yatich

Technology apps like Uber have improved safety by creating accountability and transparency. When requesting a ride, follow these pro tips to make your trip safer.

Request a ride, wait inside, and tick off the following before getting in the vehicle:

  • Touting is prohibited on Uber: Take rides only through the Uber app to access safety features. Don’t accept street hail solicitations.
  • Verify your driver and vehicle: The Uber app provides details of your driver and vehicle. Wait in a safe area and don’t show your phone in public.

When the vehicle arrives:

  • Identify the registration plate and cross-check with the app
  • Check the vehicle make and color.
  • Ask for your driver’s name and check the in-app photo

Use Trip Anonymization:

  • No need to share contact info; communicate with your driver through the app without sharing personal information.
  • Opt for Verify Your Trip: Enable this feature to verify your ride with a PIN.
  • Share Your Trip with Trusted Contacts: Keep loved ones informed by sharing trip details with a single tap.


  • Enable RideCheck notifications to receive assistance in case of unexpected events during the trip.
  • Report safety incidents discreetly during a trip.
  • Law Enforcement Response Team: Uber has a team dedicated to working with law enforcement agencies.
  • Emergency support: Partnered with Aura for 24/7 support. Aura dispatches police and medical services if required.
  • Use your intuition: Don’t share personal information, and contact your driver through the anonymous contact system. Trust your instincts.
  • Incident Response Team (IRT): Available 24/7 to respond to reported incidents or accidents globally.

Did you know? Uber ensures driver activation through a validation process, including a valid driver’s license and a clear background check conducted by a third-party professional.

Remember to follow these steps, verify your vehicle and driver, and cancel the trip if anything seems wrong.

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